Jesus is still King.


Psalm 145:13 - Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom; your rule is for all generations.  The LORD is faithful in all his words and gracious in all his actions. 

Did your guy get elected last night?  What about your gal?  Did the person you voted for and the person you prayed about get their seat?

Did someone else get their seat instead?  Did someone get elected for whom you did not vote?

It doesn't matter.  Jesus is still king.  It's naive to think that the "right" or the "wrong" elected official has more power and more authority than our Jesus who has ascended and now sits at God's right hand.  

Jesus rules the nations, even our elections.  And he does it all for our good.  That's true no matter who is elected. Jesus is going to rule our city, our state, our nation and even our world for his good.  His kingdom and his rule is an everlasting kingdom and it extends through all generations.

And now we pray that our King would pour out his Spirit on those elected to give them wisdom.  Now we pray that God would bless their rule in whatever way he sees fit so that we may live in peace and security; most importantly, that we might continue to preach the gospel (cf. 2 Timothy 2:1-2).

PRAYER: Lord God, you rule all things.  You put officials in their seats and fill their offices with the men and women you want there.  We have voted and you have worked through us to elect officials in our city, state, and nation.  We thank you that you have put them in their positions.  We thank you for them; they are a gift to us from you. Lord God, we pray that you would bless these newly elected leaders with wisdom. Bless their rule and leadership that we might be blessed by them.  Grant us peace and security through them so that we might continue to preach the gospel.