An Opportunity to Support our School


Jesus what a wonderful child!

At Mount Lebanon 200 scholars raised their voices to proclaim the good news of the Savior King just two days ago. If you were able to attend this standing-room only event, you know the bold and confident heralding of the Christmas message was breathtaking.  Click the link below to see the service and our scholars in action!

2018 Children's Christmas Service 

In the Christmas service, we see young people who are confident their inheritance is heaven - they are heirs! They live for him as disciples, distinctively different from the world, and are focused on Jesus, the wonderful Child and Savior. Finally, they provide the greatest gift a Christian can offer- a bold proclamation of the Gospel for the community to hear!


There are many moments throughout the year that so clearly express the mission of Mount Lebanon Ministries and the children's Christmas service is definitely one! Mount Lebanon school seeks, through the power of the Gospel, to make Disciples of Christ who know they are Heirs of Eternity and are determined to be Servant Leaders for the Community. This is our mission: Disciples. Heirs. Leaders.

You are invited to join Mount Lebanon in its mission. The Siebert Foundation has offered a dollar for dollar match, up to $25,000, for Mount Lebanon to build a robust science program focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). This grant will allow our disciples to refine their gifts in preparation of a life of service for their Savior.

You can be a key contributor. Your gift will…

  • Prepare scholars for careers in physics, computer programming, medicine, and more. 

  • Equip scholars with resources like iPads, design computers, and robotics kits.

  • Empower scholars with 21st century skills that prepare them for 21st century careers! 

If you would like to prepare, empower, and equip Mount Lebanon scholars and help reach this  year-end goal of $50,000, you can give online here or by scanning the QR code at the bottom of this letter.

On behalf of our disciples, heirs, and servant leaders, thank you, as always, for your steadfast love and support of Mount Lebanon Lutheran School.

In gratitude this Christmas season,

Ryan Finkbeiner


P.S. I would like to personally invite you to take a tour of school so that you can meet some of our scholars and see the Disciples, Heirs, Leaders mission in action! Please contact me at (414) 464-5410 and we can set up a time for you to visit.

To go online here to give. Please note “school donation” in the memo. Thanks!