WHAT IS "Answers to Life's Most Important Questions"?

"Answers to Life's Most Important Questions" is for people who are curious about God, who have a new relationship with Jesus Christ, or who are returning to church after being away for a while.  (For all those interested in membership this is also a requirement for membership)

Answers lasts 15 weeks. Each session walks at your pace and lasts approximately 60 minutes.

We will answer such questions as:

  • What's wrong with this world?
  • How can I be sure God really forgives all my sins?
  • Does anyone care?
  • How can I have a successful marriage and be a better parent?
  • How can I have a better life?

And much more.

It is currently offered on Sundays at 11:15 am, Mondays at 6:30 pm, and the second and fourth Saturday's of each month at 11:15 a.m. You are welcome and invited to jump in at any time.

WHY TAKE Answers?

  • It is a safe place to ask questions and get answers.
  • You can kick the tires of Christianity.
  • You can investigate The Mount and learn what we are about as a Christian congregation.
  • You can re-examine the foundation of your faith and grow spiritually.
  • If you are interested in membership at The Mount, this is the place to start.

This class is designed for all these reasons and more.  It's a great place to start your walk as a Christian.  It's a great place to grow in your walk of faith.