Friday's Prayer: Free from Oppression


Friday’s Prayer: Free from Oppression

Isaiah 9:4 - For you have shattered their oppressive yoke and the rod on their shoulders, the staff of their oppressor, just as you did on the day of Midian.

O Lord, so many days there is an oppressive yoke on my shoulders and there is a rod at my back. It drives me on. It threatens me and punishes me when I fail. It drives me on to work slavishly and steals the joy from the work you have called me to do. Deep in my heart, I think to myself that if I don't perform properly and accomplish all the tasks on my list then everything will fall apart. I carry the weight of the world (at least my part of it) on my shoulders and think it is all up to me. O Lord, this verse is such sweet news to my ears. It tells me that you have shattered the yoke which carried the weight of my world on it. It tells me that you have broken the rod that drives me along each day like a slave driver. You, dear Lord, carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. You, dear Savior, have already carried the weight of my sin and sinfulness to your cross. I am free! I am free to run and serve with the knowledge that you will use my best efforts and even my worst ones for your good. You are ruling my world with power and justice. I am free to run and serve because I am pleasing in your sight and loved by you. O Lord, fill my day with this joy and freedom as I live for you. Amen.