Saturday's Prayer: Set Apart


Saturday’s Prayer: Set Apart

Psalm 4:3 - Know that the LORD has set apart the faithful for himself; the LORD will hear when I call to him.

There are some fundamental questions in life to which we need to know the answers.  The right and godly answer to those questions, which we find in the Bible provide stability and resilience in life no matter what is thrown at us.  But the wrong answer to those questions leaves us on shaky ground indeed, leaves us shaking in our boots, unsure and unnerved at sometimes the smallest things.

The biggest questions seem to be along these lines: Who am I? Why am I here?  Where am I going?  What capability and ability do I have? In other words: What is my identity, destiny, purpose, and possibility?  The right answer provides stability.  The right answer evens out the highs and the lows so that they aren’t as extreme.  The wrong answer leaves us shaking and gives us dramatic peaks and valleys.

David knew the answer to all those questions, the answer that God alone gives.  He knew that he was a faithful servant of God, whom God had set apart for himself. He belonged to God.  He was God’s child and so God would hear him when he called. He knew that God was watching and ruling all things for his good.  He wasn’t deeply troubled at his enemies because he knew that God was at his side.

David wants us to know the same.  KNOW THIS, he said.  Know that the LORD has set apart the godly, faithful servant for himself.  Know this, deep down in your heart that you, a child of God, a follower of Jesus, a faithful servant of the Most High God, have been set apart for God.  He has set you apart for himself and for his glory.  He has set you apart for his plan and for his purposes.  You are his!  And he is yours.

There are many questions for which we seek answers.  This one, however, David has answered for us.  Who am I?  What is my identity?  I am a child of God, set apart for the purposes and plans of the Lord himself.


Lord God, it’s so easy to forget who I am as I walk through my days. I get caught up in my activities and projects.  I get caught up in the things that I do.  I forget it when things go well and when they aren’t going as well.  Help me remember today that I am set apart for you and your purposes.  You set apart your Son for me that he might buy me for yourself.  Now, I am set apart for you.  I am your child.  Help me remember this and to hallow your name, that name you gave me, as I walk through this day.  Amen.