Wednesday’s Prayer: Mighty to Save


Wednesday’s Prayer: Mighty to Save 

Psalm 7:10 - My shield is God Most High, who saves the upright in heart.

It’s one thing to watch injustices happen, but it is an entirely different matter to suffer through it yourself.  It’s one thing to have your heart wrenched and to see someone else suffer unfairly.  But it is an entirely different experience to suffer injustice yourself.

Those are the circumstances in which David finds himself.  He is crushed and oppressed unjustly and unfairly.  He hasn’t done anything to deserve this in his life.  There is no sin that brought this on him. He is innocent of all charges.  And yet here sits.  In the dust.  Broken. Beaten.  Unjustly.  Unfairly.  Overcome by evil men.

And yet, we don’t hear and anger or despair in David’s prayer. Instead we hear resilient confidence.  Evil will not prevail.  Injustice will not win.  “I will not be overcome because… my God is might to save.  He will save me. Now or later, but surely eternally, my God is mighty to save and he will do it.”

And the same is true when evil comes and injustices fall upon you.  Your God, the God who created you, the God who died for you, will not abandon you.  He loves you.  He cares for you.  You will not be overcome.  You cannot be separated from his love.  Now or later, and surely for all eternity, your God is mighty to save and he will do it.


God Most High, dear heavenly Father, there are times in my life when I find myself crushed, discouraged, hopeless, and even oppressed by evil around me.  There are times when it all seems so pointless, like I'm beating my head against the wall.  There are times when I suffer unfairly at the hands of other people.  Rescue me, my God! Save me, my Savior. I know you see what’s happening.  I know you can do something about it.  So please.  Please in your mercy save me at the right time and the right way.  Pull me up and out of this trouble I’m in.  Amen.