Thursday's Prayer: God's Attention



Psalm 13:3 – Look on me and answer, LORD my God.  Give light to my eyes, or I will sleep in death.

She was in a room full of people.  She was sitting at a table with many of her co-workers.  She was always around people, but it was like no one even noticed her.  She felt like she could slip out the backdoor and no one would even notice.  She wondered who would notice if she died. Who would come to her funeral?  It was like she was just taking up space in this world, a space that was hardly making a ripple in this world’s ocean. It was a terribly discouraging place to be in life and a very disheartening thing to consider.

But then someone paid attention to her. Someone brought attention to the work she had been doing. Someone encouraged her and let her know that her life and her work mattered to them.  She was more than a ripple in the ocean; she was highly needed and valued.  And that one person noticing and giving attention to her changed her whole outlook on life and the very way she carried herself through life.

At times that’s how it feels in our lives.  We’re going through our lives, getting up, going to work, taking care of the kids and we go almost unnoticed, but not just by people. Sometimes it feels like we’re going unnoticed by our Father in heaven too.  We feel this most acutely when things in our life aren’t going all that well.  When things are going well, we feel as though the Father is smiling on us.  But when things are going poorly, we sometimes wonder where he went.

That’s why David prays this.  Look on me God!  Pay attention to me.  Turn your gaze my direction.  Tune your ears to the frequency of my cry for help. Pay attention to me or I won’t make it.

You can be sure that God is giving you his attention even when and even though it may seem like he isn’t. To state it simply and clearly God himself promises to give you his attention again and again throughout the Bible. His eyes are always on the sparrow and he cares for these little birds (cf. Matthew 6:25-26).  This is just one of the many promises from God that assures us that God gives us his attention and care even when (and especially when) it feels like he isn’t.


Dear Heavenly Father, your eyes are always on me, always paying attention to me, always caring for me. Worry, striving and fretting are not from you, because you care for my every need. Please give me the grace to trust you with all that’s weighing on my mind and heavy on my heart. When my anxiety becomes overwhelming, give me the peace of Christ that transcends my understanding. Thank you for promising to never leave me nor forsake me. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.