The Names of Jesus: The Christ


December 16, 2018 – The Names of our Savior: the Christ.


Heavenly Father, we thank you for keeping your promise to send the Christ. He came for a very special purpose – to bring us back to you. Increase our faith in him. In his name we pray. Amen.


Matthew 1:1

This is the genealogy of Jesus, the Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham.

The way that we get our names is an interesting thing.  Sometimes we get our names because someone else in our family had that name first and we’re trying to preserve a family name.  A child may be named after a grandma, a grandpa, or even further back up the family tree.

Other times children get their names because of someone or something influenced them in their life.  A child may get their name from a famous actor/actress, a musician, artist, or someone who made a large impact in the parents’ life.

In other situations, parents simply give their kids a name because the parents liked it, because it sounded good, was trendy or cool at the time.

But no matter how you got your name, your name does matter. Our name is a big deal.  They aren’t just nametags we wear so that people can identify us. They aren’t just titles.  Names and labels tell people about our identity, our vocation, and even about our reputation.  Names and labels are a big deal.

Jesus has many names.  He is called the Christ, the Son of Man, the Son of God, Immanuel, Prince of Peace, Light of the world, the Alpha and the Omega, Jesus.  Maybe you can come up with other names for Jesus that the Bible gives us.

And Jesus’ names tell us a lot about him.  His names, more than any other name, tell us about his identity, his vocation, even about his work.  Today, consider the name Matthew gives him here in verse 1.  He calls him the Christ. 

Christ means “the anointed one,” “the Messiah.”  Now, that may not mean a whole lot to you but when Matthew called Jesus “the Christ” or “the Messiah” this was a really big deal.  He was telling people and now he is telling us that Jesus is the one God anointed to do a very special work.

When God wanted someone to do something special for him, he anointed them with oil.  He anointed some to be kings.  He anointed others to be prophets.  He anointed people to do special work for him.  God anointed Jesus with the Holy Spirit to do a very special thing for you and me and everyone.  God anointed him to bring salvation, healing, hope and restoration to you and to me and to everyone.  God anointed him for this very special and very important work.

Additional Reading: Isaiah 61:1-11

Family Questions: 

1.    What does your name mean?

2.    Why did you get that name?

3.    What does Jesus’ name “the Christ” mean?

4.    What did God anoint him to do?

Going Deeper:

1.    Look closely at Isaiah 61.  What was Jesus anointed with?

2.    What was Jesus anointed for? What was he anointed to do?

3.    How did Jesus do that during his life?

4.    How does Jesus do that in your life?


Lord Jesus, we believe that you are the Christ, the One promised since the Garden of Eden to come who would crush Satan’s head. We worship you and adore you as the One who has brought hope and healing to our hearts.  Amen.