Friday's Prayer: Pay Attention


We must pay the most careful attention, therefore, to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away.  Hebrews2:1

Lord Jesus, your words hold so much weight, help me to hear them and to hold them in the highest regard because they come from you.  If an angel were to stand in front of me to give me words of comfort or words of direction, I would most certainly listen as Joseph and Mary did. They didn’t pause to consider if they should listen or obey, they simply listened and obeyed.  Your words hold so much weight. They are full of your authority and might. They come from you, yes, from the only true God himself. Help me to hear your Words and to automatically give them the honor due them.  Then, Lord Jesus, help me to enjoy every word that you give as I would enjoy a fine steak.  Help me to put your Word into practice both for faith and for life.  You have not spoken empty, useless or meaningless words. Your words are Spirit.  Your words are life-giving. Yes, Lord Jesus, your words are life.  Make me holy and set me apart by those words.  And help me to give them the attention that they are due.

Refuel Faith: Leviticus 6:8 – 30

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