Thursday's Prayer: Angels are Servants.


Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation? Hebrews1:14

O God, your concern for my salvation continues to astound.  Your concern for my eternity continues to amaze.  You have given your Son for me.  You sent him to seek and to save, to serve not to be served, to give us life as a ransom for me, for many, yes, even for the whole world.  You did all that and still you have done more. You send angels for me.  You send them to me as messengers, servants, protectors. You sent them to serve me as I walk the way of faith toward heave.  You give them for me, for my good, to protect me, support me, walk with me.  O God, you have not left me alone as I walk toward heaven. You have made your angels servants for my good and for my salvation.  Thank you, dear Father, for your endless concern for my soul and my salvation.  Amen.

Refuel Faith:Leviticus 5:1 – 6:7

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