The Blessed Person



Psalm 1:1 - Blessed is the person…

Paint a picture of a person whom you would call blessed.  That’s what we all want to be, right?

Maybe your picture of the blessed person is someone whose life is full with the abundant earthly blessings from God. They don’t have a care in the world; they are set in the finances.  They have plenty of things to enjoy and life is good.

Maybe their life is free from the sufferings that are common to people.  They don’t have physical troubles and sicknesses that plague them.  Their bodies are fit and well-formed.  They don’t suffer from sicknesses or chronic pains.  Their life is blessed.

Much of the time we describe the blessedness of life in terms of conditions or circumstances in our life. God, however, paints a very different picture of the blessed person.  He paints a picture of a person who ought to be congratulated because of the happiness they enjoy. And this happiness and blessedness has nothing the circumstances or circumstances of life.  This happiness and blessedness has everything to do who and what fills their life.

The blessed person ought to be congratulated because they have God and his Word in their hearts and in their life.  Because God is their refuge and strength.


Lord God, I want your blessing.  I want to be congratulated not by people in this world, but by you!  Thank you for giving it to me already.  You call me your child, who is holy and dearly loved.  And you teach me to seek you in your Word.  Help me to continually find my happiness and contentment in you and no in the conditions or circumstances of my life.  Life changes. But you don’t.  This year, Lord God, help me to hide myself in you.  Amen.


1.How do circumstances or conditions often determine how happy or contented we are?  How have you seen this happen in your life?

2.Have you met someone who seemed to have a contentedness no matter what the circumstances?  What made them so content?

3.As you read the rest of the Psalm 1-2 what are the reasons for which we might call a person “blessed?”

4.For more read from Paul in Philippians 4.  What his secret to joy and happiness even in the worst circumstances?