Every Drop of Jesus Day 19


Day 19 - John 4:27-38

Points to Ponder:

1.What is this woman starting to think about Jesus?  Why is she starting to think it?

2.The disciples came back and started to talk with Jesus about lunch, but Jesus started talking to them about work.  What was Jesus’ food?

3.What does food do for us?

4.How does Jesus work do this for him? For us?


“My food is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work,” Jesus told them. – John 4:34


Lord Jesus, you found great drive, satisfaction and nourishment from doing what God sent you to do.  Your spirit in you was moved by your love for God and your love for me to come here and to finish what God sent you to do.  For the joy set before you of saving me, yes of saving the world, you endured the cross and scorned it’s shame.  Lord Jesus, you did the work and I reap the benefits of your labor.  Thank you!  I get to sit back to enjoy that which you worked for and I get to enjoy it for all eternity.  I pray, Lord Jesus, move my spirit to do the work so that others may benefit from it.  The fields are white for the harvest. There are countless souls around me in my daily life and around the world who do not know or believe in you.  Let my spirit be satisfied and driven to do what you have sent me to do.  Move me to share your gospel with whoever I can.  Help me to do the work you gave me to do so that others may benefit.  Amen.