Every Drop of Jesus Day 21

Day 21 - John 4:43-54

Points to Ponder:

1.         John adds a commentary about Jesus being rejected by his own people and country.  Why do you think John add this commentary?

2.        Who has Jesus been serving in this chapter?

3.         How does Jesus show his glory in this section?

4.        Why does this man ask for a miracle?  Is it because he doesn’t believe and needs a sign? Or is it because he believes and loves his son?  Why do you say that?


“Go,” Jesus told him, “your son will live.”  The man believed what Jesus said to him and departed. – John 4:50.


Lord Jesus, give me a faith like this to believe what you say and to take you at your word.  Your word is where the power is.  You spoke and things came into existence.  You spoke and this father’s son lived.  You spoke and Lazarus came to life.  Give me a faith like this to take you at your word.  I’m asking, Jesus, because this isn’t always so easy.  I like to see.  I like to touch.  I like to have visible, tangible evidence from you that your word is true.  Too many times my faith is built on what I see and not on what I hear from you.  Help me overcome my unbelief, dear Jesus.  And give me a faith like this to simply take you at your word.  Your word is true.  Your word is powerful.  Your word heals the sick, raises the dead, and forgives the sinner.  Give me faith in your Word, dear Jesus.  Amen.