Every Drop of Jesus Day 22

Day 22 - John 4:1-54

For a recap of the chapter and some commentary, read on here.

Points to Ponder:

1.         As you read the whole  chapter as a unit today, highlight some of the very important verses in this  section.

2.        Why did you pick those verses?  Why are they verses you want to give greater attention to?


Now he had to go through Samaria. – John 4:4


Lord Jesus, this verse says so much about you and your mission.  You had to! Most Jews would have gone around Samaria.  Most Jews would have avoided contact and conversation from with Samaritan and especially a Samaritan woman.  They would have avoided it even more if they knew this woman’s life history.  But you knew all of that and still you had to! This was the work your Father gave you to do!  That was why you had to.  You couldn’t avoid Samaria.  You couldn’t avoid this woman.  This is what you had to do.  You had to save the world.  You had to come to the last and the least, the messy and the broken. You had to come to all people to save us all.  Lord Jesus, you did the work and we all benefit from it.  We will benefit from your work into all eternity.  Lord Jesus, you are good beyond measure.  Fill me with your Spirit and the same drive and the same determination.  I have to! I can’t avoid people or places.  I must go there too because they need you. Fill me with your Spirit and your resolve to go with the Gospel and not hold back.  Amen.