The Blessed Person...Does Not.



Psalm 1:1 – Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers…

Do you ever wonder what makes a fish bite?  I’ve often wondered what makes a fish chomp down on a wiggly worm, even though its tasted the sharp edge of a hook before.  He’s gotten burned before, pulled out of the water and gasped for breath, before the hook was torn out and he was tossed back.  And yet, there he is again.  Lured.  Reeled. Caught.  And maybe even fried for dinner.

Sin poses the same danger to us. And though we find ourselves caught again and again, we find ourselves lured back, reeled in and caught in it again and again.  Sin draws us in and though it at first it seems to be a good thing, soon we find that it isn’t all that good.  It’ll kill us!  It’ll suck us and kill us to death.

“Watch out!” the Psalmist cries.  We might start by listening to the advice, but pretty soon we’re in the places where they are, being drawn into sin with them.  Soon we’re keeping the same company and we’re living live with them.

DANGER! DANGER!  This is not the way to the blessed life.


One thing is needful; Lord, this treasure, teach me highly to regard.  All else, though it first gives pleasure, is a yoke that presses hard.  Beneath it my heart is still fretting and striving, no true, lasting happiness ever deriving.  This one thing is needful; all others are vain – I count all but loss that I Christ may obtain.  Amen.


1.What about the secular, non-Christian world seems to be a good place to get advice?

2.What about sin makes it seem like a good place to stand?  How can sin be a lure that draws us in then spits us out?  How does it seem good at first?  How does it always end?  Give some examples of specific sins that seem fun and good, but always end poorly.

3.What is the danger of dwelling and being in the midst of those who mock and laugh at God?  (Can you see the parallel thought in Psalm 2?)

4.What is the opposite of all this: a) seeking advice from sinners; b) standing in the path that sinners take; c) hanging out with those who mock God?