The Blessed safe.



Psalm 1:6 - Blessed is the person…For the LORD watches over the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked leads to destruction.

The ball has dropped.  The gong has sounded.  And we’re off into the new year.  But it’s usually not that simple. At least not for me.  There is so much pulling on us.  There are so many people tugging at us.  It’s not so easy to live our life with so much competing for our attention and our affections.

If we’re going to figure out this thing called life we’ve got to figure out why we’re living and what we’re living for.

Do you stand with Lady Gaga living for the applause? Longing for affection and attention?    The truth is that applause, that affection and affection will never satisfy.  God gives you his applause, his affection and his attention.  You're a loved child of God with whom he is well pleased.  You’re a loved child of God who turns his face toward you with affection to hear your every prayer.  He knows your ways and he watches over your paths.

Do you long for life to be a little bit easier, a little bit more comfortable, a little bit more pleasurable, a little bit happier?  Longing for your heart and life to be satisfied and satiated?  You’ll never find that life.  That’s why it’s called a pursuit. But God promises the blessed life, the contented life to those who sit in his word and walk in his paths.

Do you want a pat on the back and the assurance that you’re doing the right things and taking the right steps? Longing to be validated and highly regarded?  You’ll always be chasing that from people.  But there is no higher validation than those words from God who says, “I love with you an everlasting love and you mean the world to me.”  To the world you may be only one, but in the eyes of your Father you are the only one.

That’s the secret.  That’s the key.  Set your heart, your affection, your attention on your God who loves you like this, pays attention to you like this, cares about you like this, promises to bless you like this.  Love him first.  Love him best.  Love him most.


Lord God, you are all that I need.  You loved me first, most and best.  Teach me to love you first, best, and most.  This day, this week, this year I’m living for you and your applause.  Amen.

“To be blessed means to enjoy the happy and rewarding life which comes from God alone.  Real happiness is the peace which comes through the forgiveness of sins.  Real happiness is receiving the freedom to live according to God’s Word.  Real happiness is enjoy the glory of living with God throughout eternity.  This is the blessing that awaits all those who delight in God’s Word” (Brug page 122).


1. Do you stand with Lady Gaga living for the applause of people around you?  How has this been a let-down for you?  How can you find joy in the applause that God has given you?  Why is he the only one we need in our audience as we live our lives?

2. What words of validation has God given you?  What words spoken to Jesus by the Father also apply to you? Look up Galatians 3:26-27 then Matthew 3:13-17.