Every Drop of Jesus Day 39


Day 39 - John 7:14-24

Points to Ponder:

1.Why did Jesus go to the Temple even though he said that he wasn’t going?

2.What does Jesus seem to be doing more and more when it comes to the Jewish intervention he is facing?

3.What does he make clear about his message?

4.Knowing this about Jesus message and where it came from, how do we want to receive and use his Word?


Jesus answered them, “My teaching isn’t mine but is from the one who sent me.” – John 7:16


Jesus, you make it clear to me where your teaching comes from.  All that you teach comes to you and so comes to us from the Father himself.  He is the source of all wisdom, all teaching, all that is true and good. This seems so obvious to my eyes of faith and yet the Jews and so many others don’t want to see it or believe it.  They live inconsistently, accepting the things of Moses but rejecting the things of you.  They accept some things, but refuse to believe what you say.  I pray, Lord Jesus, keep me from this.  Help me by your Spirit to accept the things that you say to me whether I like it or not.  Keep me from an inconsistency in my faith where I accept and follow some things, but reject and ignore other things.  And then, Lord Jesus, make me bold to teach it.  As I teach it, help me to remember that I am not the source of this teaching, but rather that it comes from you.  You are the source of all that is true and good. You are the authority in my teaching.  Help me to teach it and share it as teaching coming from you.  Amen.