Every Drop of Jesus Day 40


Day 40 - John 7:25-31

Points to Ponder:

1.Why were the crowds in Jerusalem confused about Jesus and where people stood?

2.In v 24, Jesus had said, “Stop judging according to outward appearances.” How do you see them doing the same here?

3.Some did believe in him.  Why did they believe?

4.Your life can be a launching point for preaching the gospel.  How do you see that in Jesus’ life and ministry?

5.What does this say to you about the life you live for Jesus?


However, many from the crowd believed in him and said, “When the Messiah comes, he won’t perform more signs than this man has done, will he?” – John 7:31


Lord Jesus, your signs and miracles gave evidence to the crowds that you really were who you said you were.  While some were amazed at your signs and listened to your words, there were also others who refused to believe in you and even wanted you arrested and dead.  Spirit, I cannot control how people respond to the message that I share with them. I cannot control whether they believe in Jesus.  That is your work that you must work in them.  I cannot control those things, but I can, as much as you work in me, control the life I live.  I can control the life I live and I can control the things that I come out of my mouth.  You show me here that people are watching the way I live.  They are watching how I handle adversity and trouble.  They are watching how I interact with people.  They are watching to see the love of God in me.  Let my life shine a bright spotlight on you so that people are willing to, at the very least, listen to me.  Let my life be a launching point for the message that I have to share that more and more people will believe in you.  Amen.

 Note: There will be a slight change to the plan.  We will be taking Sundays off so that we can focus our hearts and minds on worship.  The next reading and prayer will come on Monday.  Jesus keep you all.