Every Drop of Jesus Day 52


Day 52 - John 9:13-23

Points to Ponder:

1.What becomes very obvious about the Jews in their interrogation of this man born blind and then of his parents?  (Were they seeking to understand or to convict?)

2.What were they most concerned about in their interrogation?

3.How can we easily become hardened to the truth because of our own agendas and mindsets?

4.What must we constantly pray so that this doesn’t happen to us?


The Jews did not believe this about him – that he was blind and received sight – until they summoned the parents of the one who had received his sight. – John 9:18.


Lord Jesus, the blindness of the Pharisees is clear.  They aren’t really interested in finding out the truth.  They simply want to catch Jesus in sin. They simply want to condemn him.  Instead of loving him and rejoicing that he could now see, they chase the rabbit and try to catch Jesus.  They are so hard hearted.  They are so loveless.  Lord Jesus, keep me from such a loveless pursuit of my agendas and mindset.  I am just as capable of such hard-hearted and loveless behavior.  Keep me from it.  Help me to honor and love your Word so that it serves as the guide for my life and the foundation for my faith.  Help me to love deeply people in their trouble and distress so that I share their sorrows and rejoice with them in their joys.  Lord Jesus, I want to be like you in this.  Help me to love both God and his word, and, at the same time, people in their joys and distresses. Amen.

Here is a video/audio walk through chapters 5-8.

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