Every Drop of Jesus Day 53


Day 53 - John 9:24-34

Points to Ponder:

1.What is the purpose of Jesus’ signs and miracles?  What did they accomplish?

2.What did the signs and wonders of God’s accomplish in Egypt (the Plagues)?

3.What did his signs and miracles accomplish in this case?

4.As you see the signs and wonders of Jesus in John, what do they accomplish in you as you meditate on them?


“If this man were not from God, he wouldn’t be able to do anything.” – John 9:34.


Lord Jesus, throughout your life you constantly show the glory of God and your majesty through the miracle you do.  In John alone you have done many miracles – water to wine, feeding the thousands, healing the sick, and more.  The other gospels also have a long list of miracles that you did. These signs were intended to show people the glory of God and increase faith in you.  But some saw the signs and were hardened against you.  Lord Jesus, keep me from such hardness.  Instead, give me a faith like this man who was born blind, but now could see.  He didn’t know much about you yet, dear Jesus.  Yet, he gave a clear testimony about who you were – that you were from God!  He didn’t know much, but he knew you were trustworthy and that you were from God.  Give me a simple faith like this.  And more, help me to stand in awe of your miracles in the Scriptures and to marvel at your works that you still work out today.  You are truly God and Savior, dear Jesus.  Give me a simple and awe-filled faith to praise you for it.  Amen.