Every Drop of Jesus Day 31


Day 31 - John 6:16-24

Points to Ponder:

1.         How bad was this storm? How can you tell?

2.        How powerful is Jesus? How can you tell? 


But he said to them, “It is I; don’t be afraid.” – John 6:20


Lord Jesus, these simple words from you set my heart at rest and take away my fear.The disciples were so afraid and scared of the storm. They were even afraid to see you walking toward them on the water, but all you had to say was, “It is I,” and their hearts were set at rest.Just like that they knew that their Lord was the one who divides bread and multiplies it for thousands.Their Lord was the one who turned water into wine.Their Lord was the one who restored strength to lame legs.Their Lord was the one who was the all-powerful Son of God who held all things under his control.Lord Jesus, help me to hear those three words in my ears when trouble enters my life and fear enters my heart, “It is I.”You are the same for me as you were for them.You are the same today as you were then. You are the same yesterday and today; you will be the same forever. Take away my fear by reminding me of your presence.Amen.