Every Drop of Jesus Day 34


Day 34 - John 6:41-51

Points to Ponder:

1.         Why didn’t the crowds that day accept Jesus and what he was saying?

2.        Why weren’t they ableto accept what Jesus was saying?

3.         What did Jesus want for them and from them?

4.        How alone would that be possible for them? 


No one can come to me unless that Father who sent me draws him, and I will raise him up on the last day – John 6:44


Lord Jesus, I read this section of Scripture and I’m confused.I’m confused that these crowds were so quick to miss the signs that you did give them.I’m confused that these crowds were so quick to reject what you did say to them.They were grumbling and complaining against you, Jesus.I’m confused by that because, though I have my moments and my struggles of faith, I believe that in you and from you I have every good thing.I believe in you and know that you will raise me up on the last day. Lord Jesus, as I ponder this, I am so thankful that you drew me to you and gave me faith in you.That’s the difference between me and them.I believe in you by the work of the Spirit and they do not.I praise you, Holy Spirit, for giving me faith in Jesus.And I also ask, Father, draw more people to yourself.Wipe away the confusion from their minds and crack their stoney hearts with your Word so that they would believe in your Son Jesus and so be saved.I beg you, dear Jesus, do whatever it takes in this world so that I and every other person may believe in you and be saved.Amen.