Every Drop of Jesus Day 60

Day 60 - John 10:31-42

Points to Ponder:

1.         Why do the Jews continue to hate Jesus and more and more?

2.        What does Jesus now use against them in order to prove with one more evidence that he is speaking the truth?

3.         What comfort does this this truth bring us? 


And the Scriptures cannot be broken – John 10:34


Lord Jesus, what great comfort this simple statement from you brings.  Your Word is one unbreakable whole of goodness and truth and grace and mercy from you.  It is not a series of 66 books that are unrelated and disconnected.  It is one book with one truth and one message.  The whole of Scripture is unbreakable. Each truth builds up and defends the other. Each truth explains the other.  They are all one.  Help me, O Spirit, to rejoice in this truth so that I do not set up one part of the Bible up against another.  Help me, O Spirit, to hold tightly to this truth especially when I cannot understand one part of the Bible. It’s all perfectly true.  It’s all one whole.  It’s all from you. It’s all unbreakable.  Help me to receive and to hold it as such.  Amen.