Every Drop of Jesus Day 67


Day 67 - John 11:1-57

Points to Ponder:

1.Find all the ways that Jesus shows his care and concern in this chapter.

2.Which one encourages you and touches you the most?

3.Look at the frustration and faith of Mary and Martha.  What moved them from frustration to faith, even before Jesus raised Lazarus?


“Your brother will rise again,” Jesus told her.  Martha said to him, “I know that he will rise again in the resurrection at the last day.” – John 11:23-24.


Lord God, there are many circumstances and occasions in life when I am frustrated and discouraged with the way things are going.  There are many times when I even disagree with the direction that things are moving.  I sometimes feel frustrated and even upset with you for it.  That’s how the sisters felt when they knew how you could have helped, but hadn’t helped yet.  They were frustrated and upset.  Yet, the moved quickly to faith and hope because they aligned their hearts with your promises.  Martha quickly remembered your promise that the dead will rise on the last day and so her frustration was tempered with faith and hope.  Lord God, help me to align my frustration, sadness, fear, anger – any and every emotion that floods me – with your promises.  Help me to align my heart and my life with your Word.  Move my heart from frustration to faith.  Move my heart from sadness to hope.  Move my heart from anger to trust in you that you will handle all injustices in this world.  Lord, help me to align my heart and my life with your Word and your promise.  Amen.