Every Drop of Jesus Day 73


Day 73 - John 12:44-50

Points to Ponder:

1.Jesus clarifies his mission in this section.  What two things does he identify as his mission?

2.He also connects his mission to the Father’s mission.  How does he do that?

3.What do you see more clearly as a result?


I have come as light into the world, so that everyone who believes in me would not remain in darkness. John 12:46


Lord Jesus, you have come into this world to help me see clearly.  I pray, Lord Jesus, help me to see and understand why you came into this world even more clearly.  As the light of your word shines in my life help me see how much I need you.  Because, dear Jesus, I need you deeply.  My heart is hard and cold at times.  I need you to keep on showing me how far away from you I sometimes am.  My thinking, my feeling, my doing is often so far removed from who you truly want me to be, to feel and to act.  I’ll never know or accept it if you don’t show it. Show me in your Word, O Spirit, and break me by it.  Help me quickly to own my sin and to confess it to you.  But then, Lord, take it from me.  Take my sin from me and forgive it.  Yes, forgive it all, dear Jesus, or I will die despairing.  Lord Jesus, also show me how deeply I am loved and forgiven.  Help me to see and understand deeply in my heart how long and wide and deep and high your love is for me.  Help me to grasp this and believe it.  Amen.