Every Drop of Jesus Day 79


Day 79 - John 13:1-38

Points to Ponder:

1.What does Jesus teach us about loving people?

2.What does Jesus teach us about humbling ourselves?

3.What does Jesus teach us about his love for us?


One of his disciples, the one Jesus loved, was reclining close to Jesus. John 13:23


Dear Jesus, at first glance it seems kind of arrogant for John to refer to himself as “the one Jesus loved.”  Throughout his whole gospel it seems that John calls himself “the one Jesus loved” rather than referring to himself as “John.”  But Jesus, as I ponder this, I would rather be known in this way than by my name.  My name and my reputation, dear Jesus, is hardly something by which I want to be known.  You teach me how to love selflessly and humbly, but I do not.  You teach me to lower myself before all people, even to wash their feet, but I do not.  And when I do, my heart does not do it joyfully.  My words don’t always reflect love for you and other people.  I want to be above reproach and beyond accusation, but I am not.  It wouldn’t take people too long, not long at all, to poke holes in my name and reputation. So, Jesus, I don’t really want to be known by my name.  Instead, Jesus, I want to be known as John is known.  He is known as “the one Jesus loved.”  Let this be my epithet on my life: “The one Jesus loved.” This is the best and highest thing about me. You love me.  You have washed my heart and soul with your blood and I am cleansed of my sin. You care for me and my life.  By your grace, dear Jesus, I am glad to be called and known as “the one Jesus loves.”  Amen.