Every Drop of Jesus Day 91


Day 91 - John 16:12-15

Points to Ponder:

1.What is Jesus communicating to his disciples in this section about the Holy Spirit and about what they need to know?

2.Will it be a new message? Why or why not?

3.What comforting things does Jesus reveal to his disciples and you in this section?


All that the Father has is mine. – John 16:15


Lord Jesus, you are the King of kings and Lord of lords.  All things lie under your feet. You are the author and perfected of this world.  You were right there at creation; you spoke and things happened.  You spoke and the world came to be. You are the author and perfecter of salvation. You came; you died; you conquered.  You won for me and for all the world the crown of salvation.  You are the heir of all things in heaven and on earth and under the earth.  It is all yours!  In grace and wonder, you share it all with me and with all who believe in you.  You do not keep it for yourself alone, but delight to show us mercy and grace.  You delight to share your inheritance, your words with me.  You do not call me a servant, but rather a friend.  And as your friend you have promised me your Holy Spirit who will teach me all things and will guide me in the way of truth.  Lord Jesus, how good you are to me.  How highly you exalt me as your son/daughter!  How highly you view me!  How graciously you gift me!  Amen.

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