Every Drop of Jesus Day 92


Day 92 - John 16:16-24

Points to Ponder:

1.About what were Jesus’ disciples confused and sad?

2.What illustration did Jesus use to help them understand what was going to happen in their hearts?

3.How does this illustration help you when you struggle in this world?


When a woman is in labor, she has pain because her time has come.  But when she has given birth to a child, she no longer remembers the suffering because of the joy that a person has been born into the world.  So you also have sorrow now.  But I will see you again.  Your hearts will rejoice, and no one will take away your joy from you. John 16:21-22.


Lord Jesus, you promise me that my pain will turn to joy when I see you again.  I can’t wait.  Now there is so much pain in so many areas of my life. The pain of separation from people I love in death or just in location in this world.  The pain of trouble and struggle in my relationships with other people.  The pain in my body because it slowly decays.  The pain in my spirit and emotions because of anger, or grief, or bitterness, or worry, or anxiety, or depression.  These are emotions I do not want to have, yet I still have them.  The pain I suffer because there are people in my life who do not know or believe in you.  The pain I suffer because I believe in you and people respond to me differently because I do.  There is so much pain in my life, but what a joy it is to know that I will not even remember this pain when I get to glory.  Now, the pain of sorrow lingers on and remains in my heart long after the moment of pain is gone.  But then, then, there will not even be a remnant of pain and suffering in my soul.  Then, then, there will only be joy and that joy will not ever be taken away from me.  Then, when I see you again – and I will see you again! – will be complete and will be forever.  Lord Jesus, I cannot wait until that day!  Hurry up!  Come, Lord Jesus, and turn my sadness and sorrow into joy forever.  Amen.