Every Drop of Jesus Day 101


Day 101 - John 18:15-18

Points to Ponder:

1.         What is surprising about Peter’s denial?

2.        Contrast Peter’s denial to Jesus’ clear confession (I am he!).  Why did the one deny and the other step forward?  What was in them that led to this?


Then the servant girl who was the doorkeep said to Peter, “You aren’t one of this man’s disciples too, are you?”  “I am not,” he said. John 18:17


Dear Jesus, when the soldiers came up and declared that “Jesus” was the one whom they wanted, you stepped forward and said, “I am.”When a little servant girl, who was just a doorkeeper, asked if Peter knew who you were, without hesitation he said, “I am not.”O, Jesus, I see myself in Peter.I see myself in Peter as I deny you in my fleeting thoughts, the wicked ones that come and then go, but I can’t stop them.I see myself in Peter as I deny you in my linger thoughts; the ones that enter and then remain and I don’t even try to move on past them.I see myself in Peter as I deny you in all my sin.But there you stepping forward to take my place.Christ, you step in and take my place.You take on my sin. You suffer for me.You die for me.And I go free.Thousand, thousand thanks to thee, dearest Lamb of Calvary.Amen.