Every Drop of Jesus Day 113


Day 113 - John 20:1-9

Points to Ponder:

1.         How did the different people here handle the information that they encountered? Mary, Peter, John (aka “the one Jesus loved”).

2.        What would have helped them handle it differently?

3.         What will help us handle and face confusing situations with more courage and less fear?


The other disciple, who reached the tomb first, then also went in, saw and believed.  For they did not yet understand the Scripture that he must rise from the dead. John 20:8-9


Lord Jesus, these disciples had everything at their disposal to be able to face the empty tomb with a clear picture and a certain hope about what happened.  They knew the Scriptures, they just didn’t call them to their minds.  The Scriptures were clear about the resurrection of Jesus. I pray, Lord Jesus, help me by your Holy Spirit to take your Word and apply it to my heart, to my life, and to all that I face today.  I am learning your Scriptures in a better and more clear way every day.  Help me to take that word from my head and apply it to my heart.  Help me, then, to understand it clearly and learn the hope, the confidence, and the joy that your Word has for me.  There in your Word is certain victory for all who believe in you. There in your Word is the promise of overcoming, of forgiveness, of strength and courage to face all that happens in this life. There in the Word you lay the hope of a future and an eternity with you and with all those who believe in you.  There is your Word is certainty, strength and hope. Fill me with your Word today so that I may face whatever happens today with certainty, strength and hope.  Amen.