Every Drop of Jesus Day 118


Day 118 - John 21:1-6

Points to Ponder:

1.         What were the disciples doing in the days after the resurrection?

2.        Why does Jesus come to them again?

3.         What does he show them again?


“I’m going fishing,” Simon Peter said to them.  “We’re coming with you,” they told him.  They went out into the boat, but that night they caught nothing. John 21:3


Lord Jesus, it wasn’t long after your resurrection and the disciples had gone back to life as normal.  They were going back to their fishing nets.  They had gone back to the regular lives.  But here you came and disrupted their normal lives to send them on to something extraordinary.  It’s so easy in these days after Easter to get back to life as normal.  The resurrection fades to the back our minds again; the joy and the excitement of Easter dawn dissipates as life drags on. Lord Jesus, keep coming to me by your Word and remind me that it is not life as normal. Keep coming to me to convince and show me and remind me of your divine power and heavenly help.  I cannot live life as normal because you have been raised from the dead.  I cannot carry on as I did before. You resurrection fills me with divine power and heavenly hope.  Lord Jesus, keep this truth on the front of my mind as I make my way through this day that I might live all out and all in for you.  Amen.