Every Drop of Jesus Day 119


Day 119 - John 21:7-14

Points to Ponder:

1.         Why does John make a big deal about the numbers? (153 large fish that don’t tear the net; third time he appeared, etc.)

2.        What does John want to impress upon us? 


This was now the third time Jesus appeared appeared to the disciples after he was raised from the dead. John 21:14


Lord Jesus, you don’t want to leave me in any sort of doubt, none at all.  You didn’t want that for your disciples either.  You kept on showing them in multiple and miraculous ways that you truly were alive and that you truly are Lord of life.  I find doubts rising up inside me.  My mind whispers about your resurrection, “What if it’s not true? Is it really true? How could it really be?”  My heart whispers about my purpose and meaning in life, “What are you really accomplishing here?”  All kinds of doubts and questions about who you are and about who I am rise up in my heart and life.  Yet, Jesus, you do not want to leave me there in doubt and despair.  You keep showing me in the Scripture who you are and what your promises are.  You keep coming to me and proving to me who you are and who I am because of your death and resurrection. When doubt and despair, skepticism and questions, wash over me, come to me again and again to make it clear to me who you are.  Show me, once again, who you are for me – you are my risen Savior, the Lord of my life.  Amen.