Every Drop of Jesus Day 105


Day 105 - John 18:1-40

Points to Ponder:

1.         What do you learn about Jesus as he goes to the cross?

2.        What is his attitude as he goes to the cross?

3.         Who is he concerned about as he goes to the cross?


Then Jesus, knowing everything that was about to happen to him, went out and said to them, “Who is that you’re seeking?” John 18:4


Lord Jesus, as I look back at this day of your life and see you going to the cross for me it impresses me deeply how willing you were to go.  You had all power inside of you and at your disposal to stop this from happen, but you didn’t. You willingly endured this though you had the power to stop it. And it’s not just that.  You rose up to embrace it. You didn’t just sit back to wait for it to come.  Yes, even though you knew exactly what was about to happen, you rose up and went to your betrayer and put yourself into their hands.  Lord Jesus, how can fathom this great love you have for me and my salvation!  How can I wrap my mind around how deeply you must love me if you did not shrink from suffering, but instead rose up to meet it! How can I thank you for all your love for me!  Lord Jesus, as I ponder your works for me inspire me by your love to live with a deeper and fuller love for those around.  Give me courage to face the trouble that comes with resurrection courage and confidence.  I am yours. I am truly loved by you.  Let this be my strength and my song.  Amen.