Therefore, conduct yourselves with fear.


Day #4: Therefore… conduct yourselves with fear.

Further up and further in: Luke 12:4-5, Ecclesiastes 12:13-14, Matthew 10:28, Leviticus 19

1 Peter 1:17 – If you appeal to the Father who judges impartially according to each one’s work, you are to conduct your lives in reverence during your time living as strangers.

Lord God, I don’t often take you seriously enough.  I don’t often take your commands and your direction for my conduct with all the seriousness that you demand.  There are some commands that I take into my heart and honor with all my heart. But there are others that I put off to the side. Thinking back, I find that the ones that condemn other people I take to heart because then I catch them in their sin, but the ones that catch me in my sin I don’t take seriously enough.  Lord God, you don’t play like that. You don’t play favorites.  You judge each one of us impartially according to the life each one of us lives. You judge us only by the same standard and the same commands.  Forgive me, Father, for not listening carefully to all that you’ve told me.  Forgive me and help me to take all of your word into my heart and to work at doing it.  Amen.

Therefore, we should fear his anger and not disobey what he commands. – Martin Luther.