Clean Living


NOW I’m living clean.

Further up and Further in: Matthew 5:13-16, 1 John 1-3

1 Peter 2:12 – Conduct yourselves honorably among the Gentiles, so that when they slander you as evildoers, they will observe your good works and will glorify God on the day he visits.

Lord God, people call Christians “hypocrites” and there’s some truth in it. I don’t live the way you call me to live as your holy child. Christians have and do all kinds of horrific, hateful, mean things in the name of Jesus. I’ve said and done mean and hateful things in your name. I’ve used your name to justify things. I’ve given this world all kinds of reasons to slander both me and you because I claim you as my Lord. Lord God, forgive me! Forgive me for dishonoring your name and leading people to curse your name instead of praising it. Forgive me and help me to live such a life in this world that people will see the life I live and praise you. I want them to know how great and gracious you are. I want them to know how saving you are. Let me life show it and my words say it. Amen.