Rejected by people; chosen by God


Day #1: He is rejected by people but chosen by and precious to God.

Further up and further in: Matthew 3, Matthew 17, Isaiah 49

1 Peter 2:4 – As you come to him, a living stone – rejected by people but chosen and honored by God…

Lord Jesus, there is such a range of reactions to you. There is no hot or cold. You are either loved or hated. People either hate you and push your salvation off the side because they want to do it themselves. Or, people love you because you have done all the work of saving them. And that’s why you’re so precious God. In fact, that’s why God chose you and set you apart. God chose you and set you apart to be the world’s Savior. Keep me, O Jesus, from being indifferent and uncaring about your salvation. Keep me from becoming lukewarm to you and your cross. Keep me from a “meh” feeling about you. You are precious to God and so your salvation is precious to me. Warm my heart by your love to me that my faith and my life might be built on your work for me. Amen.