God’s Salvation


Monday: God’s salvation.

Monday’s readings: Genesis 6-9

1 Peter 3:20 – When God waited patiently in the days of Noah while the ark was being prepared. In it a few – that is, eight people were saved through water.

Monday’s prayer:

Lord God, your patience with the wickedness of this world blows me away. I see it all around me. The wicked and the unbelieving seem to get away with it. The injustice on our streets. The perversion online and behind closed doors. The creeping immorality of our society that even gets legalized. If it makes me sickened and sad, I can not imagine how you about it from your heavenly throne. And yet, you are so patient with this world and all the people in it, even me. You give us day after day to repent and to turn back to you, just like you did in the days of Noah. You give us life and breath, day after day. You give us all a time of grace. You give it to each person: the pedophile and the rapist, the murderer and the racist, the slanderer and those who think evil thoughts about other people. I pray, Lord Jesus, keep leading me to repentance. But more than that O Spirit, lead more and more people in this world – yes, all of them! – to repentance and faith so that they might be saved from judgment and destruction. You saved Noah and his family. And you desire the same for me and for all. Lord God, I pray, work through your Spirit and through your Word to bring faith and life to this dying world. Bring about a revival in our day. O Spirit, come, and save us all. Amen.