Be hospitable


Tuesday: Be hospitable.

Tuesday’s readings: Luke 10:25-37

1 Peter 4:9 – Be hospitable to one another without complaining.

Tuesday’s prayer:

Dear Father, you are so generous and hospitable to welcome us into your home and your family though we have no right to be welcomed in. You welcomed us in dirty, sinful, and rebellious. Yet, you opened your door to us and invited us in. Then, dear Jesus, you got down on your hands and knees not just to wash our feet, but to cleanse our souls. You gave us clothes to wear, holy and righteous clothes, clothing fit for a king’s banquet. You invited and still do invite us to share in all your blessings. In your love for us you show hospitality unlike any other. Lord God, help me to show this same hospitality to the family of believers. Help me to give generously. Teach me to share all that you’ve given me without complaining and without holding it back as if it were mine. You’ve given me all that I have so that I might share it and use it to serve other people. Lord God, by your hospitality and kindness, inspire me to be hospitable and kind just like you are. Amen.

Hospitality is the art of serving other people the way that Jesus served us.