From God and For God


Saturday: From God and for God.

Saturday’s readings: Psalm 145-150

1 Peter 4:11 – To him be the glory and the power forever and ever. Amen.

Lord God, so often when I’m doing things I’m wondering to myself: How are people going to think about me? What will they think of me if I do this? I ask: What will people think of me if I don’t do this? I do and say so many things in my life that are motivated by the opinions and thoughts of people. Not only is it impossible to make everyone happy, but this is also chasing the wrong applause and seeking the praise of the wrong name. I do so many things to make my name great. Dear Father, hallowed be your name, not mine. Help me to hear your divine applause flowing from my baptism. Help me to remember that through Jesus I am already wholly and completely pleasing in your sight. And then, dear Father, with your full approval, help me to serve so that people praise you and give glory to your name. All that I do is empowered by your strength. Let it also be done for your glory! Amen.