Faith Works - #1 - God's I Told You So.


As Christians in this world, we live in a space between "already" and "not yet."  We are already children of God, already perfect and holy, already heirs of eternity. We are already all of these things in the sight of God.  We already have this status before him.  Yet, in this lives that we live we often lead lives that are filled with inconsistencies.  At times, we don't live and act like the children of God that we are.  We are "not yet" there.  James talks to us about those deep inconsistencies that exist in our lives. He writes a powerful and pointed letter to Christians - to us - about the lives that we live in this world.  James writes to us about real faith for real life, a faith that works.  In this four week series, we'll listen to some of the things that he says to us about our faith.