The Servant of the Lord - #3 - Made for This.


There are a convergence of causes this weekend.  The Sanctity of Human life, Racial Equality as we remember MLK Jr.  We add to that other causes about life: the #metoo movement, child trafficking, sex trafficking, and so many mother human rights and human life issues.  Into these causes, into our sorrow, into even our frustration Christ steps in and he says, “I was made for this.  I was made to bring salvation.  I was made to heal hurts and to bring justice.”  Into our frustration God speaks up: “It is too small a thing. I have so much more for you to do.”  The Servant of the Lord comes to our aid to save us and so many others.  He even invites to be involved in his important work.  We like him were made for this!  Listen in as Pastor Bourman preaches on Isaiah 49.