The Silence that Speaks - #5 - On the Third Day

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So much is on the line right here. Will the king welcome Esther and receive her into his throne room unannounced? It’s been a month! She didn’t know if he would or if he wouldn’t. On the third day she went and he welcomed her into presence.On the third day she was granted life instead of death. Had the king not extended this mercy, her execution or banishment would have been an ominous potent of the things to come for the Jews. But on the third day in the throne room of the king, Esther was granted life in place of death. This scene pictures a gracious act of a king who holds life-and-death power. Had God not extended the cross of Jesus Christ to the world, all would die in his presence. But “on the third day” after the final judgment transpired on the cross, Jesus Christ arose to imperishable life, guaranteeing safety to enter God’s presence to all who reach out in faith to touch that cross-shaped scepter.” A sermon on Esther 5.