The Silence that Speaks

The Silence that Speaks - #3 - The Die is Cast

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Mordecai saves the king, but is not recognized.  Haman is somehow promoted.  Thus begins the war between Mordecai the Jew and Haman the Agagite. The scene is set. Nothing is by chance. In circumstances like this we often complain that God is not fair, that God is unjust, that God is absent, or even worse that God is evil. But we are still in the middle of the story as were Mordecai and the Jewish nation (also back in Jerusalem!).  We cannot see the end of things from the middle and must walk by faith, not by sight. God intends to save and protect his people in Christ and ultimately to destroy those who wickedly remain opposed to Christ. There is no power, no enemy, that can thwart God’s electing purpose. We, too, like David in Psalm 16, can praise God because he has made our lot secure in Christ.

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The Silence that Speaks - #2 - Called by Name

Esther is caught up in a story that is beyond her control. What should she do? She goes along with the story and the plan. The author doesn’t both to discuss the morality or the rightness of it. The king calls her by name and elevates her to be his queen. God is silently moving everyone and everything into place. Even more than that, God is being a husband to his people, even to us. Esther is called by name, as are we by our God to live in this world as his people. It is not always clear how we are to live our lives as God’s people, but this much is clear that we are caught up in his plan whether we know it or not. We are God's own and we live for his applause. A sermon on Esther 2:1-18.

The Silence that Speaks - #1 - The King Laughs (and we laugh with him)

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It’s hard to know the end of the story from the middle of it.  It’s hard to see God’s hand of power, love and protection at work when we’re living it. In the book of the Esther there is a silence that speaks loudly.  You don’t hear the name of God.  You don’t hear a prayer from God’s people.  Yet, the silence of Scripture speaks volumes about God in her life.  We do not know the end of the story from the middle of it, but God’s story in Esther helps us see God’s hand at work in all of it.  A sermon on Esther 1 by Pastor Nate Bourman.

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 "I believe in God even when he is silent." 

~ found scratched into the wall at a Nazi prison camp.  

Throughout history, there have been times when it seemed like God has gone silent.  Esther lived at such a time.  A terrible and dangerous king named Xerxes ruled the known world.  He and Haman laughed when together they decided to exterminate the Jewish people.  However, their plan did not succeed.  Truth be told Haman hanged himself in an almost satirical turn of events.  The God of the universe brought about an incredible salvation through Esther, but never once is God or the Lord named in the book.  Still, he's there directing, controlling, and saving.  Even when he seems silent, we believe.  We believe in the God who comes to us through Jesus, his cross, and his empty tomb.  We hope in him against all hope.

In a world where it is increasingly difficult for us to see God as the end nears, in a world where we are faced with difficult choices, in a world that where the rich laugh and the poor remain marginalized, the life of Esther will speak.  Into our lives where we can’t see the hand of God at work, where we struggle to hear his voice, and see his plan in our lives, the God of Esther will speak.  God does indeed seem to be silent in our lives.  God’s does indeed seem to absent from our lives.  But the book of Esther will assure that God is indeed not silent nor is he absent.  This Sunday, we start into Esther.  We keep telling her story all summer.  We need to see all God does for his people.  God is on the move in our lives, even if we can't see him.  More on Sunday (6/30).  You won’t want to miss a single Sunday.