Wherever you are at in life's walk, that's where we start.  Whether you've been in church your whole life, whether you grew up in church but drifted away, and even if you've never been to church in your life - that's where we start.  We want to meet you where you're at and grow from there.

From there we grow up in faith by dealing with life's issues and challenges using God's Word.  We come face to face with sin and the havoc it creates in our lives. Jesus is the world's Savior, your Savior.   He is the answer to sin and the havoc it creates.  We celebrate the forgiving, undeserved love of God and how that changes our lives.

what is it like at the mount?

Mt. Lebanon is a place where hope comes to you through God’s Word and His Sacraments.  It is where you can discover what it means to have a lifelong relationship with your Savior and grow in that relationship.

You don’t have to pretend your life is perfect.  At Mt. Lebanon you will find a friendly, relaxed place with a family feel, a place where you will be encouraged, challenged, and taught through God’s Word how to connect to your Savior.  You will hear God’s Word as it applies to you in your daily life.

how can i learn more?

We're glad you asked!  There are lots of ways.  Check out Our Faith to explore our congregation and the things we believe and teach.  Check out our Sermons to listen to our message.  We offer Answers to Life's Most Important Questions classes to help people like you understand what we believe and why believe it.  Or just fill out the contact form below, leave your question and we'll get back to you as quickly as we're able.

Perhaps the best way, however, is for you to just just to come and meet us, listen to the Word, and get to know Jesus, whom we preach.  You can always come with no pressure or strings attached.  We'd love the chance to share our faith in Jesus and about Jesus with you.

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