The Servant of the Lord - #2 - I have called you in righteousness.

It was time.  It was time for Jesus to step forward and to be anointed for the work that God sent him to do.  That’s what happened at Jesus’ baptism and it was time.  It was time for him to take up the cause and the cross.  It wouldn’t be easy, but it would mean salvation.  He was called to this and his Father would support him along the way.

It is time for us too.  It’s time for us to step forward and step into the roles for which God fit us when we were baptized and to which God calls us by the gospel.  God has called us to step forward to take up God’s cause of saving souls. We too were called to this and our Father will support us along the way.

Listen in as Pastor Bublitz preaches on Isaiah 42.

The Servant of the Lord - #1 - It's your time to shine.


January can be a dark month for many reasons. It’s a darker and gloomier time of the year, especially here in WI.  All the excitement and joy of Christmas is fading away if it isn’t already long gone.  Our busy lives are back on, full steam ahead.  Our struggle with sin continues.  

But wait!  A light has dawned on us.  Our Savior Jesus has come and dawned on our darkness.  It’s time to rise up and shine!  It’s time to rise up in the glory that he has given us.  It’s time for us to rise up with the healing of his gospel beneath our wings.  It’s time for us to shine.

Listen in as Pastor Bublitz urges us on to rise and shine as he preaches on Isaiah 60.

Today, we’re beginning a new series from the book of Isaiah.  Isaiah wrote a number of songs that we call, “The Songs of the Servant.”  In these songs and in other places he helps us know who Jesus is and what he would do.  Today, he, the Light of the World dawns on us and causes us to shine.  Rise up and shine!

Fear Not - #4 - Pulling Back the Veil

Fear not.jpg

It’s Christmas and it is, as the songs say, the most wonderful time of year, the time when we remember how the extraordinary became ordinary, how the Creator joined the ranks of the created.  There are plenty of reasons to sing and shout for joy to the Lord.  And yet it is so easy to sing our way through Christmas and lose our awe and miss the glory of all that’s happening.

Listen in as Pastor Bourman pulls back the veil to show us what God did at Christmas.

Songs of Advent - #4 - God of the Dance


God wanted us to live and walk with him in this smooth and synchronized dance with creation, with each other and especially with him. But sin blew that up. The dance was ruined and broken up so that now, even the best of our days is trouble and sorrow (Psalm 90:10). Ever since the fall into sin, God has been working to roll back the curse and to restore our perfect dance with him.  In the coming of his Son he has restored our dance with him and soon he will restore all of creation.

Listen in as Pastor Bourman leads us to consider Psalm 85.  We see that our God is at work to return us to Eden, to restore this broken world to perfection.

Songs of Advent - #3 - God can't wait.


The watchman waits.  He waits and he watches all night long, waiting for dawn to rise.  We wait too.  We wait for God come.  Many times, however, we’re waiting for him as though he were a highway robber or a mugger in the alley. But God is hardly like that.  In fact, God is waiting, but not to pour out wrath but to gush with grace, to dole out blessings.  He is giddy with joy to make it happen for us now and eternally. Psalm 130.

Fear Not - #2 - Mary

Fear not.jpg

When God breaks into our life and calls us to follow, it can be a scary, disturbing and frustrating thing.  All of our plans get tossed to the side as we are called to give up everything to him in following him.  But God breaks in with grace, with power, and even with himself to calm our hearts.  He says, “Fear not.”  Listen in as Pastor Bourman shows us how God breaks in and displaces fear with faith and gives us peace.  We’re looking at Luke 1:26-38.

Songs of Advent - #2 - Lift up your heads!


There are so many things in life that would cause us to hang our heads.  Shame.  Guilt.  Trouble.  Trial.  Sadness.  Discouragement. Depression and more.  We hang our heads in shame.  We have our heads in discouragement and brokenness.  But then our King breaks in and lifts up our heads.  Then our King breaks in and comes to our side.  Then our King breaks in to forgive and glorify.  Lift up your heads!  Your king comes for you. Listen in as Pastor Bublitz teaches us to sing a song of preparation from Psalm 24 - Lift up your heads!

Fear Not - #1 - Zechariah


The trouble and disappointments of this life can easily make us begin to think God has given up on us. Along with Zechariah, our sight is set back on the greater things - the gracious promises of God to rescue us from sin and bring us peace and joy through our Savior. And so we see that God hasn't given up on us, instead, he's given us himself.  Listen in as Pastor Bublitz teaches us to set our sights on the grace of God.  This is a sermon on Luke 1:5-24.

Stand - #6 - Stand Ruled


All glory, honor, wisdom and strength belong to our God and to the Lamb, who sits on the throne.  It’s Christ the King Sunday and Jesus continues to sit on his throne at the right hand of God, all things under his feet.  Today, Pastor Nate Bourman takes us into Daniel chapter 7:9-14 and 18.  He wraps up our series in the book of Daniel with three important lessons from the book of Daniel and especially from ch 7 as we live our lives in these last days.  Listen in and be encouraged!

Stand - #5 - Stand Thankful


Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.  It’s thanksgiving and we’re gathering around God’s Word to give thanks together.  On either side of us is a ditch.  The ditch of worry and the ditch of pride.  In either case, we find that we’re relying on our own strength, power and riches to get us through.  But that’s not where we want to stand.  Today, Pastor Bublitz takes us into an unfamiliar part of Daniel, Daniel 4.  Here we see how God teaches Nebuchadnezzar and us to stand thankful beneath his sovereign rule and his gracious goodness.  God help us to do the same.

Stand - #4 - Stand Sainted


Today is Saints Triumphant Sunday.  We thank God for saving those who believed in Jesus and for bringing them to their eternal rest.  We also find comfort, strength, and even purpose as we live our lives as the saints at war, the saints militant. Today, Pastor Bublitz takes us into Daniel 12 and shows us the hope we have in these last days and the purpose as we have as those who will shine like stars because we lead people to righteousness. Daniel 12:1-3

Stand - #3 - Stand Up


Today is Last Judgment Sunday and we consider what for many people is a scary topic - Judgment Day.  But Daniel wasn’t afraid of the judgment of the King because he knew where he stood with God.  And so also for us.  We can live with tremendous courage and strength even the face of some honest accusations because we know where we stand with God.  Listen in as Pastor Bourman takes us into Daniel 6 to learn about a faith that is courageous because it knows where it stands with God. (Note: We apologize for the angle of the video. We’ll work to get that corrected in the future.)

Stand - #2 - Stand Firm


Today, as we celebrate Reformation, we face off against fear.  There are so many things in this life that would make us afraid.  Luther was afraid as he stood up for his faith.  Today, God erases and abolishes our fear by reminding us of who he is and what he is all about - us and our salvation.  Listen in as Pastor Bourman takes us into Daniel 3 to learn about a faith that stands firm in the fire.

Stand - #1 - Stand Out


This is a sermon about influence.  The influence that Babylon wanted to exert on Daniel and then through Daniel.  The influence that God exerted on Daniel, in Daniel, for Daniel, and then through Daniel.  It a sermon about the influence that the world wants to have on us as sometimes silently and sometimes loudly it seeks to influence us for its own purposes. It is a sermon about the influence that Holy Spirit exerts on our hearts and on our identity when he gives us God’s name.  It’s a sermon about the influence that then we get to exert on the world.  Stand up and stand out! Daniel 1.