God at Work

God at Work - #2 - The Church at Her Best


Jesus’ prayer and God’s heartfelt desire is that the church - that we - would be united and one just as he is one.  It’s what Jesus prays about on the night he was betrayed.  But what does that look like?  What does the church look like at her very best? Listen in, I think you might be surprised and moreover both challenged and comforted.  The church is at her best not because of her behavior, but because of her Savior.  Listen in to this sermon from Pastor Bourman on John 17:20-23. 

New Series: God at Work


Construction projects are happening all over our city right now. Roads, business, and homes are being built and being fixed up. There’s a construction project going on here on our corner of 60th & Hampton too. It started 92 years ago, and it is continuing to take place today. God is at work here. He is using his powerful tools to create, strengthen, and build for himself a people that are loved and prepared to go and love. God is at work! In us, and through us.

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