Songs of Advent

Songs of Advent - #4 - God of the Dance


God wanted us to live and walk with him in this smooth and synchronized dance with creation, with each other and especially with him. But sin blew that up. The dance was ruined and broken up so that now, even the best of our days is trouble and sorrow (Psalm 90:10). Ever since the fall into sin, God has been working to roll back the curse and to restore our perfect dance with him.  In the coming of his Son he has restored our dance with him and soon he will restore all of creation.

Listen in as Pastor Bourman leads us to consider Psalm 85.  We see that our God is at work to return us to Eden, to restore this broken world to perfection.

Songs of Advent - #3 - God can't wait.


The watchman waits.  He waits and he watches all night long, waiting for dawn to rise.  We wait too.  We wait for God come.  Many times, however, we’re waiting for him as though he were a highway robber or a mugger in the alley. But God is hardly like that.  In fact, God is waiting, but not to pour out wrath but to gush with grace, to dole out blessings.  He is giddy with joy to make it happen for us now and eternally. Psalm 130.

Songs of Advent - #2 - Lift up your heads!


There are so many things in life that would cause us to hang our heads.  Shame.  Guilt.  Trouble.  Trial.  Sadness.  Discouragement. Depression and more.  We hang our heads in shame.  We have our heads in discouragement and brokenness.  But then our King breaks in and lifts up our heads.  Then our King breaks in and comes to our side.  Then our King breaks in to forgive and glorify.  Lift up your heads!  Your king comes for you. Listen in as Pastor Bublitz teaches us to sing a song of preparation from Psalm 24 - Lift up your heads!