One - #4 - Many Parts


Each person in this world is uniquely made by their Creator. Each one of us is unique, created perfectly by our God for works of service both according to how God had made and gifted us, and according to how we have been shaped and molded by life.  While we are one body, one family, and ministry sharing one faith. We who are one are also many. And what makes each one us different makes all of us better.

One - #3 - One Family


We are a family and a community of believers that walk in faith and through life together.  As we go through life things fracture the family.  Sometimes it’s sin and hurt that pushes family members apart.  Other times it is just because of the busyness of life that we slowly drift apart.  On Welcome Home Sunday we want to celebrate the family that we have and recommit ourselves to walking together in faith and through life.

One - #2 - One Ministry


Since the very beginning of our ministry we have operated both a church and a school.  These are two very important parts of our ministry. Yet, these are not two ministries, but one. And it's not just these two that are married into one ministry. It's the ministry that each one of us carries out day after day whether at home, in the community, at work, and even here at the church.  Whether we come or go, we are one body believers carrying out one ministry and mission together.  And this ministry and mission is simple: We are here to share and to show the forgiveness of God and the love of Jesus.



God has given Mount Lebanon a mission here and now. We are here to share and show the forgiveness of God and the love of Jesus. In this series we want to consider the things that matter most to us as we carry out this mission. These are the things that God says about what is important to him for his church. These are the things that we value. These are the beliefs that guide our actions and interactions with each other and our community. This is a series about those things.