Mission Questions - #3 - Reassuring Questions.

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We have some amazing work to do.  We are called by our God to join him in his mission of saving the world. We are called to preach, to teach, to tell, to spread the message about Jesus with a dying world and especially with the people in our own lives.

There is a ton of work to do.  And it's hard work.  Sometimes we even wonder if it's working. Sometimes we wonder if it even matters.

Our God makes some astounding promises to us that that let us rest even while we work.  The work is ours to do. The results are his to bring about. And his Word promises that he will.  Listen as Pastor Bublitz shows us the promises that God makes to us about his Word and about our work.

Mission Questions - #2 - Leading Questions.

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Questions are powerful.  They can lead us to be introspective and incisive.  They can lead us to see ourselves better and more clearly.  They an also lead to a better and clearer understanding of God as they lead us to meditate on who he is and what he’s done.  That’s the idea behind our series: Mission Questions.  We want to spend some time asking questions of ourselves and our own thinking about our personal and church mission work.  We also want to spend time going deeper into God’s mission and his heartfelt desire for the world.

Today, as we continue walking through Romans 10, Pastor Bourman asks the leading question: If the gospel is so powerful and it is what saves people, why don’t we share it more often or more confidently?  We have every reason to do it, so let’s roar!

We are the Mount - #3 - Keep Building the Body

You’re listening to a sermon from the Mount.  We’re the Mount and we’re committed to making God’s Word known so that people know God’s truth and are transformed by it.  Today, Missionary John Roebke from Malawi urges us to keep on being the body of Christ and building the body Christ.  We are the body of Christ, each one of us is a part of us.  We each are called by God and given different gifts to serve right where God wants us to serve.

We are the Mount - #1 - The Task in Front of Us


We’re the Mount and we’re committed to making God’s Word known so that people know God’s truth and are transformed by it.  Today, Pastor Nate Bourman takes us into Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians and shows us the grace of God who calls us to faith and calls us to be ambassadors, the mouthpiece of God.  2 Corinthians 5:16-21

We are the Mount


We are the Mount a sermon series beginning August 12.

Mount Lebanon has been the neighborhood church and school of the Hampton Heights Neighborhood for many years now.  We have been transforming the lives, families, and our community the forgiveness of and love of Christ for nearly a century.  In this series, we want to look forward to consider how we can and will do this here both now and into the future.  We are the Mount! This is our mission.

  • We are the Mount. We are bringing the peoples of our community together to worship Jesus (8/12).

  • We are the Mount. We are transforming families – children and parents – to be disciples, heirs and leaders in our community (8/19). Join us for an outdoor service and a corn roast.

  • We are the Mount. We are a microchurch with a mega-worldwide mission (8/26). Join us and Missionary John Roebke from the One Africa Team.

  • We are the Mount. Here ordinary people are called to extraordinary things (9/2).