The Servant of the Lord

The Servant of the Lord - #5 - A Word for the Weary


There are so many things that exhaust us.  The constant chasing of happiness and the rat race we live. The pressure and expectations of God and of other people.  Even the threats against our life and the lives of people we love.  It’s too much.  It’s exhausting.  Jesus has a word for all of us, a word that sustains the weary.  Listen in today as Pastor Bourman gives us that Word and refreshes our hearts with words from Jesus. Isaiah 50:4-11.

The Servant of the Lord - #4 - You are no longer a captive.

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Jesus has come to set us free from sin, to set us free to serve him. But why do we remain in our sin?  Why do we refuse to leave the prison which holds us captive?  Our answers to these questions show us how powerful sin is as a master.  But Jesus will not stand by to leave us in our prison.  He has come to set us free.  He has thrown open the doors of the prison and leads us out by his grace and mercy.  And he keeps doing it.  As often as we return to our sin, just so often he comes to forgive us and to lead us out.  Listen in as Pastor Bublitz proclaims our freedom to us as he preaches on Isaiah 61.

The Servant of the Lord - #3 - Made for This.


There are a convergence of causes this weekend.  The Sanctity of Human life, Racial Equality as we remember MLK Jr.  We add to that other causes about life: the #metoo movement, child trafficking, sex trafficking, and so many mother human rights and human life issues.  Into these causes, into our sorrow, into even our frustration Christ steps in and he says, “I was made for this.  I was made to bring salvation.  I was made to heal hurts and to bring justice.”  Into our frustration God speaks up: “It is too small a thing. I have so much more for you to do.”  The Servant of the Lord comes to our aid to save us and so many others.  He even invites to be involved in his important work.  We like him were made for this!  Listen in as Pastor Bourman preaches on Isaiah 49.

The Servant of the Lord - #2 - I have called you in righteousness.

It was time.  It was time for Jesus to step forward and to be anointed for the work that God sent him to do.  That’s what happened at Jesus’ baptism and it was time.  It was time for him to take up the cause and the cross.  It wouldn’t be easy, but it would mean salvation.  He was called to this and his Father would support him along the way.

It is time for us too.  It’s time for us to step forward and step into the roles for which God fit us when we were baptized and to which God calls us by the gospel.  God has called us to step forward to take up God’s cause of saving souls. We too were called to this and our Father will support us along the way.

Listen in as Pastor Bublitz preaches on Isaiah 42.

The Servant of the Lord - #1 - It's your time to shine.


January can be a dark month for many reasons. It’s a darker and gloomier time of the year, especially here in WI.  All the excitement and joy of Christmas is fading away if it isn’t already long gone.  Our busy lives are back on, full steam ahead.  Our struggle with sin continues.  

But wait!  A light has dawned on us.  Our Savior Jesus has come and dawned on our darkness.  It’s time to rise up and shine!  It’s time to rise up in the glory that he has given us.  It’s time for us to rise up with the healing of his gospel beneath our wings.  It’s time for us to shine.

Listen in as Pastor Bublitz urges us on to rise and shine as he preaches on Isaiah 60.

Today, we’re beginning a new series from the book of Isaiah.  Isaiah wrote a number of songs that we call, “The Songs of the Servant.”  In these songs and in other places he helps us know who Jesus is and what he would do.  Today, he, the Light of the World dawns on us and causes us to shine.  Rise up and shine!